Your Yard In A Year

your yard in a year

Did you know that your yard goes through seasons throughout the year? Certain times are best for doing specific activities. For example, did you know that you shouldn’t be planting in the middle of summer when it’s incredibly hot outside? In order to make sure that you’re on schedule with your yard, keep reading this blog post to see what should be happening in your yard throughout the year. Where are you at on this schedule?

July through August

This is the time to get Hardscapes and Patios installed. Imagine being able to enjoy your yard from a comfortable environment. If you’re on the fence about getting hardscapes installed in your yard, check out our blog post about Reasons to Get An Outdoor Living Space for Your Home!

That’s not all we do in July. We also do Pruning and Lawn Renovations to fix and maintain your yard.


This is the time when we beging Seeding Lawns. This is our process of aerating and preparing your yard to grow in the spring. By doing this process now, you can ensure to have a beautiful yard when spring comes.

October through December

This is time to work on Landscape Designs. You will want to start thinking about how you want your yard to look so that everything can be planted and ready to grow when spring comes. It typically takes about 4-6 weeks to finalize designs, so keep this in mind as you are deciding when you want to start the process.

November and Onward

The best things to do during this time is Pruning, Mulching, and Planting. You might be worried about it being too cold to plant over the winter months, but the ground typically does not get cold enough to prevent planting.

So now that you can see the year long plan for your yard, look at where you are sitting now and talk to us about what we can help you with. Call us at 757-833-8110 to talk about how we can help with your yard in Southeastern Virginia today!