Water Water Everywhere- Tips for Watering Your Yard

tips for watering your yard
In Gary Allan’s country music song, he said “Every storm runs out of rain”… Well, he must not have lived in Virginia! We’ve experienced a great deal of rainfall lately. In fact, we’ve experienced record amounts of rainfall in Southeastern Virginia! (When was the last time you can remember going two days without a decent bit of rain?) You might think that with all this rain, it’s not necessary to water your garden. But is it? Speaking of watering your grass and garden, what are the rules to do it? In this blog post we’ll explore a few tips for watering your yard.

When To Water

Water in the morning between the hours of 4-9am. Of course, no one expects you to wake up at 4 am to water your yard… but the reason it’s better to water in the morning is because the air is cool and prevents the water form evaporating before it gets to your grass/plants.

More Isn’t Always More

You might think that it’s better to have too much water than not enough, but excess water is just as bad for your water as not enough! Besides that this isn’t healthy for your yard, it’s also not good to be wasting water. (Even though we seem to be getting plenty of it from the sky these days.)

Knowing When To Water

Look for when your grass turns a blue-gray tint. This means that you need to water your grass. Also, keep an eye on the shape of the grass. If it starts to curl, you also know it’s time to water.

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