It Takes a Village


As a small business owner, there are so many important behind-the-scenes support operations that go along with running and maintaining your business from day to day. In this article I’m giving a shout out to a couple of outstanding businesses that help Custom Gardens with the operational side that customers don’t see, but allow us the opportunity to deliver exceptional landscape design and install as well as commercial and residential grounds maintenance.

When I took over the business over a year ago, I wanted to update the logo and website and turned to none other than website and software design guru, Rob Monti of Monti Designs. You can find some of his work and cyber-talk with him here at his site; Rob helped create an updated logo with a modern edge and brought past outdoor design projects to life on the updated website. Rob met with the design team, took their suggestions and voila, manifest destiny! He is terrific with bringing new technologies to our attention that boost our traffic or image and making those design tweaks.

Another great supporting act for Custom Gardens has been Multi-Print. Anita, Kim and Cliff have kept us stocked with everything from business cards and name tags, to putting Custom Garden’s logo shirts on the crews’ backs. They have a quick turn around and even delivered when we were short on time. Check them out. You can find them at and browse tons of different marketing materials.

Our Computer Concepts team is great at keeping my Office Manager’s server and files from becoming corrupt and getting the entire team remote viewer access, so updates and estimates can be fulfilled come snow, sickness and complete traffic meltdown on I-64. Scott has so much knowledge with incomparable value and has taken a great deal of time translating issues in easy to understand terms for our team over the years. I love the fact that they use computer-generated versions of their actual faces on their business cards. They have two offices. See which one is nearest you;

Ok, so this is FAR from exhaustive, but in the large realm of weekly business management, there is no way I could do without them! Each of these are small businesses and have a great deal of expertise. If you want to support some great local, small businesses, they have my vote!