Simply Mulch

using mulch in your garden

With cold weather coming on and summer blossoms fading away gardens tend to become less luxurious. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with one easy addition your garden can fight back the frosts, and keep its rich appearance of life and luxury. The answer?! Simply mulch. Mulch is a ground cover that offers more than just beauty. It moderates temperatures, both in the soil and the plant itself, helps with irrigation, and can even provide organic nutrients to the plants it surrounds. Simply, mulch can work wonders for your winter garden.

The main cause for plant death is temperature. Just think about it, getting completely frozen every morning, de-thawed throughout the course of the morning, and getting baked in the afternoon, only to get frozen again before the crack of dawn. That much fluctuation in temperature could easily kill a human, much less a plant. We wear clothes to moderate temperatures. Mulch is like clothing for plants; it acts as a covering, keeping the plant’s core temperature basically the same.

While there are many effective ways to handle undesired standing water in your garden, , mulch is a key factor to ground level irrigation. Mulch fills in cavities in the ground and flattens bumpy imperfections. Leveling the ground allows little room for standing water, which forces water to move along. This provides more room for water to be absorbed and improves the fullness of your garden.

For plants to be beautiful they need healthy mulch. Believe it or not, mulch is a basic nutrient for plants. Wood mulch, especially, works kind of like organic compost. As it decomposes over time it’s nutrients soaks into the ground where the roots of the plants are. Another way it keeps your plants healthy is by stifling the constant sprouting of weeds; weeds that would otherwise steal food, water, and warmth that your plants so badly need—especially during the colder seasons.

Helpful, beautiful, healthy, and over all simple mulch is the way to go for this upcoming season. Clothe your plants with warmth and beauty to keep out the cold. Encourage standing water to move, and spread the wealth, while feeding and protecting your garden. Mulch is an easy must have for every garden.

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