Making Clay Soil Suitable For Gardening

making clay soil suitable for gardening
Are you interested in gardening, but find that your soil is full of clay? Check out today’s post for some tips on how to make your clay soil suitable for gardening so that your green thumbs can keep on planting, in spite of your soil type.

The Key Is To Get Organic Material In the Soil

Here are a couple of steps to help you accomplish that! For more detailed info, check out this article. That’s where these tips come from!

    1. Break up the surface of soil.

    2. Water soil in the evening, and again the next morning.

    3. Apply compost.

    4. Smooth the surface, water, and come back the next day to aerate.

    5. Make a mix of one part sand to two parts perlite.

    6. Spread this in a one inch layer over your yard.

    7. Smooth the surface, water, and come back in a few days to aerate.

    8. Water and look for puddles that form. Give those areas more compost and sand mix.

    9. Add organic fertilizer, then wait a few days before you start planting!

Don’t Use An Excess of Fertilizer!

You might be tempted to go overboard on the fertilizer, but take it easy! This not only can hurt the soil, but can also hurt the plans by adding too much fertilizer.

Don’t Till Too Often

When you mix up the soil in your garden too much, the oxygen can destroy the organic matter.


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